You Know You’re a Ballerina When…


EXT_ballerinas_MAINWe recently asked this question on our Ballet Group page, and the answers we got were “spot” on! (Pun intended.) Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • You don’t see frappe as a drink!
  • You’re a 13 year old getting brand new $90 shoes on a regular basis.
  • Having your leg up by your ear is no big deal
  • You have 30 pairs of shoes and 29 of them are for ballet.
  • You turn off the wall light switch with your leg and foot lifted high!
  • Your parents spend lots of money on a professional tutu and you are awarded at ballet competitions for doing classical variations.
  • When the temptation to grand jete through the grocery aisle is too strong
  • You like it when teachers give you corrections.
  • You have a permanent dent on your head from wearing a bun all day, everyday, your feet smell like mold, and you have more pointe shoes than street shoes & more dance clothes than regular clothes!
  • When the only part of gym class you rock at is stretching!
  • You think it’s normal to wear two different pairs of shoes on the same foot (bloch booties over ballet slippers.)
  • When you pique turn down grocery store aisles and saut de chat down hotel hallways as normal people give you the craziest looks!
  • Your laundry basket has more tights and leos than clothes on laundry day.
  • You call new pointe shoes ‘babies’, and the not-so-new pointes are called ‘boots’!
  • Instead of counting sheep to sleep, you run through your choreography!
  • You do a grande plie to stretch out skinny jeans.
  • When your bobby pins are everywhere… EVERYWHERE!
  • When you can trip and catch yourself with the same foot!
  • You are still stretching when you are brushing your teeth.
  • You plie while waiting in line
  • You wear trash bag shorts/pabts in public and hope it becomes the next big fashion trend!
  • You take a leotard and tights with you on every trip, in case a “ballet emergency” happens. And by emergency, she means an opportunity for an unexpected class. Even on vacation.
  • You have a favorite foot.
  • You hate one leg more than the other
  • You get jealous of other people’s hips “popping”.
  • When a hairline fracture is just a “sore ankle” and you’re “okay” to keep dancing on it!
  • You put your music on your phone on shuffle and plies come on.
  • When you’re jealous of someone’s feet
  • When the first thing you do getting out of bed is point your toes.
  • When you plie to tie your shoes or when you wrap your shoelaces around your ankles like pointe ribbons.

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