What does it take to be a Well-Rounded Artist?


By: Christina Ricucci

Well Rounded PerformerAs performers, we are constantly asked to put ourselves outside of our comfort zones- whether that means executing a certain style of dance that might not come as easily to us, or diving into a completely different art form itself. Ultimately, if we want to be successful in the entertainment industry, we must be able to open our minds to new opportunities. We must be able to do everything. Many times as a dancer, we are asked about our singing voice, and this tends to scare many dancers away because they may not have a trained voice. I’ve luckily been trained in singing since I was 4 years old, so it is very comfortable to me and I enjoy it a lot! Another thing that is so important as a dancer is being able to act. We are performers, and performers are expected to tell a story and convey a feeling or emotion, all while completely investing every fiber of our being into the character we’re portraying. This adds so much decadence and fullness to a performance and frankly, without it, it can be quite flat. I did the research and educated myself on what I potentially had to do to be successful in the industry one day. I’m still learning, and yes, I have a long way to go, but it’s all about preparation and learning how to expand your art form to its fullest potential!


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