The Secret Trick to How I’m Able to Sing on Broadway!

By on December 10, 2015

My vocal teacher, Matt Farnsworth

I found that keeping my voice in shape is very similar to how I keep my body in shape. It takes a hours of practicing exercising to maintain a strong and healthy voice. My vocal teacher, Matt Farnsworth developed a new app for singers at all levels. When I don’t have a lesson with him, I use his app which enables me to warm up and exercise my voice each day.

Matt is one of the best vocal teachers in the world and his lessons are all available in his app. It is a wonderful tool for exercising and strengthening your voice or for simply warming up. The app allows you to taylor the warm up for your particular needs and singing goals whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Matt’s app has helped me to feel confident in my singing and has taught me how to maintain a healthy voice. The more I practice singing the better and stronger I get – just like dancing!

About Shannon Marie Rugani

After dancing with the San Francisco Ballet for eleven years, Shannon Marie Rugani is currently making her Broadway debut as an original ensemble member in An American In Paris and is the understudy for Lise Dassin. Shannon is a native California girl hailing from South Lake Tahoe, California and has been in love with ballet since she was six years old.

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