The Freelance Game: Could You Be a Freelance Dancer?


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When New York City-based freelance dancer Jace Coronado plans his day, he allows just enough subway travel time from rehearsal to rehearsal…to rehearsal. And that’s considering the transit system is on its best behavior. During this travel time, he’s probably going through choreography for his next rehearsal, scheduling the logistics of his next gig, or perhaps just relishing in a chance to sit down and relax. Such is the life of a freelance dancer: always on the go.

Freelance dancers such as Coronado may rehearse with two to four companies or choreographers at a time. In addition, many have “side jobs” to supplement their dancing income, to allow for rent, food, transportation, everyday living and maybe savings. Most freelance dancers would admit the lifestyle can be hard, sometimes draining, perhaps not for everyone, but at the same time, it allows them to be their own boss, to choose what they’re dancing and with whom, and to become an even more artistically challenged and charged dancer.

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