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    The Dance Studio Marketing Plan Made Easy!

    By Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web When is the best time to market your studio? We have been asked this question many times. The answer is from now until the end of the year. Think about...

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  • DLShannon_preview_featured
    What is a Preview Performance?

    Preview performances for An American In Paris on Broadway give the audience a chance to enjoy the show before it’s official opening night. Each show is like a collectors item because the show is in it’s evolutionary...

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  • DI_CruiseShip_featured
    Top 10 Ways to Book a Cruise Ship Gig

    Performing on a cruise ship can be a great gig. It gives you daily performance opportunities, while getting to travel and have low living expenses. So how do you get your golden ticket? While visiting Norwegian Creative Studios in...

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  • SE_parallelcareer_featured
    It’s Not a Fall Back Position, it’s a Parallel Career – Plan on it!

    Let’s be real, it isn’t if, it’s when. As dancers, a majority of us will need to face the fact that being a performer or choreographer alone is not going to be enough to get by. So...

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  • WA_summermusthaves_featured
    Summer Intensive Must-Haves From the Pros!

    Hopefully by now you have auditioned for, and gotten into, your dream summer intensive program. We reached out to some of our wonderful models and professional dancers asking what they couldn’t survive summer intensives without. Here’s what...

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  • DI_partnering_featured
    Explore the International Partner Dance Intensive Workshop Series

    Every dancer knows the importance of cross-training, of the idea of working to become a versatile, well-rounded mover. In terms of dance styles, a ballet dancer may cross-train by also studying modern, and a jazz dancer may...

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  • DLMimi_yoga_featured
    My Newfound Love For Yoga

    I have occasionally done yoga in the past to stay in shape on breaks, or on the weekend when I have extra time, but I have found a newfound devotion and love for the practice. At the...

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  • DLShannon_nap_featured
    The Power of a Mid Day Nap!

    A twenty minute nap is a great way to hit the refresh button in the middle if the day. All it takes is a pair of eye patches, some headphones or earplugs, a blanket and a pillow....

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  • DTW_dreambig_featured
    For Dance Teachers Impossible is Just a Word!

    By Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web Impossible is Just a Word Everyone, at some point in his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn’t fantasized about being the one who...

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  • DLShannon_Preview_featured
    Public Preview Performance on Broadway!

    This past Friday, March 13, 2015, An American In Paris opened for public preview performances at the Palace Theater on Broadway. The mood was electric on stage and in the audience.  The audience loved the show and...

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