• Molly-CH5 (4)
    My Life On The Road: Chapter 5

      Last month I traveled to some of the biggest, most popular cities in the world.  I admired art by Leonardo da Vinci, toured the Eiffel Tower, and even saw Swan Lake in Russia. Now this month,...

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  • PointeShoes_SR
    My First Pair of Pointe Shoes

    I remember the first time I wore pointe shoes like it was yesterday. I was ten years old when I asked one of the older girls in my class if I could try on her pointe shoes....

    • Posted 3 weeks ago
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  • Intensive
    Tips for Summer Intensive Success

      Summer Intensives are just around the corner! I have such good memories of going to various summer programs throughout my training. It is such a great experience. You get to travel, meet new people, and explore a new...

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  • Chapter4_3
    My Life On the Road: Chapter 4

    How to describe this past month…in a word: perfect. Where do I start? Paris was almost indescribable. I took a scenic two-hour train ride through the French countryside into Paris, passing fields and fields of bright yellow...

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  • WheelOfFortune
    Creating a Sustainable Dance Career

    Building a long lasting and fulfilling career as a dancer can look like a daunting and formidable task at first.  But what does a career in dance really mean?  Actually, it can mean so many different things. ...

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  • MollyPart3_3
    My Life On the Road: Chapter 3

    As I write this, I sit in a beautiful water-front cafe in France, after a day full of performing, shopping and eating the best food that I’ve ever tasted. Hopefully, that’s enough of an indication of what a...

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  • PurelPointe
    Softening Pointe Shoes with Purel

    My favorite trick to break in stiff pointe shoes is to use Purel to soften them! I always apply a dollop to my pointe shoe around my bunion area, and this softens my box to make my shoes flexible and quiet. Since Purel...

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  • BallerinaBackstage
    How To Calm Your Nerves Backstage

    For dancers, dealing with nerves is an essential part of our job. Although a little bit of excitement and anticipation is good to increase adrenaline levels, stage fright is not a desirable experience. Personally, I experience more...

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  • Molly - Bridge
    My Life On the Road: Chapter 2

    Last time you heard from me, I was still buried deep within the Florida rehearsal madness. Three planes, 20 hours, and 8,000 miles later, I finally reached my first destination, Italy! After moving onto the ship, we...

    • Posted 4 months ago
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  • Choreography
    Transitioning into Choreography

    By: Christina Ricucci Growing up a competitive dancer, I’ve always been given solo/group choreography to master and improve. I’ve been so incredibly lucky to work with some of the most amazing artists and choreographers in the industry, and...

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