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    Marketing and Sales for the Dance Studio Owner- Part I

    By Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web Your studio marketing funnel is the key to your growth and sustainability. In this two part article you will learn what is working and how to make sales after prospects...

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    10 Reasons Why All Boys Should Dance

    From Dance Informa #10. Strength, coordination, fitness, agility. Dance keeps you in condition and makes you strong and fit for other sports – and life in general. #9. Dance builds strong, healthy muscles and bones. It’s also good for...

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    NYC: To Move or Not to Move?

    From Dance Informa. For many dancers, New York City is the city of dreams. It’s the home of Broadway, of Lincoln Center, of the Radio City Rockettes, and of numerous opportunities and artists. Making the move to...

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    Why You Should Go to College to Dance

    By Susan Epstein of Dance Pathways For years dancers were told that if they wanted to dance, they had to go to a big city (New York, LA, etc.) and start auditioning, taking classes, and going after that...

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    Warming Up or Just Going Through The Motion?

    By Angela D’Valda Sirico of Dance Teacher Web Teachers always give their students a warm up no matter what style of dance you are teaching but the question is, are the students really utilizing your warm up...

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    Top 10 Ways to Book a Cruise Ship Gig

    Performing on a cruise ship can be a great gig. It gives you daily performance opportunities, while getting to travel and have low living expenses. So how do you get your golden ticket? While visiting Norwegian Creative Studios in...

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    Announcing Our NEW Online Magazine, Dance LifeStyle!

    Exciting news to share! We are proud to announce that Discount Dance now has a FREE digital magazine app, called Dance LifeStyle that is available through the iTunes app store! (Android version coming soon). Each issue of Dance...

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    No Matter What-Just Finish It Off!

    By Angela D’Valda Sirico of Dance Teacher Web How often do you look at your dancers in class or during a performance and think to yourself, “There’s just something missing!” It’s really not something that is huge...

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    2015 Summer Intensive Guide

    Summer intensive auditions are in full swing! Here is a complete list of the best of the best summer programs around the country. Which will you be attending?

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