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    The Dance Studio Owner’s Million Dollar Question

    By Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web Do you want more students or more income? I hope the main goal is the latter. Furthermore, if you are in a remote area or in a place that has a...

    • Posted 6 days ago
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    The Freelance Game: Could You Be a Freelance Dancer?

    By Dance Informa When New York City-based freelance dancer Jace Coronado plans his day, he allows just enough subway travel time from rehearsal to rehearsal…to rehearsal. And that’s considering the transit system is on its best behavior....

    • Posted 1 week ago
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    The Ins and Outs of Cross-Training for Dancers

    For dancers who are taking their training seriously, it’s not uncommon to be in the dance studio more than your own home. Being a serious dancer is definitely a lifestyle choice that is both physically and mentally...

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    The Dance Student’s Summer Lesson Plan: Focus on Strengthening!

    By Angela D’Valda Sirico of Dance Teacher Web Each year some of my students come to me and ask me to give them some sort of guidance or plan for the summer, something that will give them...

    • Posted 2 weeks ago
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    Warming Up or Just Going Through The Motion?

    By Angela D’Valda Sirico of Dance Teacher Web Teachers always give their students a warm up no matter what style of dance you are teaching but the question is, are the students really utilizing your warm up...

    • Posted 1 month ago
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    The Dance Studio Marketing Plan Made Easy!

    By Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web When is the best time to market your studio? We have been asked this question many times. The answer is from now until the end of the year. Think about...

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    It’s Not a Fall Back Position, it’s a Parallel Career – Plan on it!

    Let’s be real, it isn’t if, it’s when. As dancers, a majority of us will need to face the fact that being a performer or choreographer alone is not going to be enough to get by. So...

    • Posted 1 month ago
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    6 Common First Job Newbie Mistakes

    By Stephanie Wolf of Dance Informa. You did it! You booked that first gig or company spot and now you’re anxiously waiting for rehearsals to begin. But before you go bounding into the studio on day one, here...

    • Posted 2 months ago
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    Make Your Dance Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

    If dance is something that you aspire to make a career out of, you will inevitably need to have a nice looking and well written dance resume. Here are some tips and guidelines to help make your...

    • Posted 3 months ago
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