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    We are LOVING These Looks for July!

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    Teacher Patricia Wilson Lives By Her Studio’s Moto: BE KIND

    Discount Dance recently held our annual Dance Teacher of the Year Award contest. Hundreds of dancers and dance families entered their teacher into the contest. It was such a joy reading all of the entries, and hearing about...

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  • DTW_StudioSuccess_featured
    The Dance Studio Success Plan!

    By Steve Sirico of Dance Dance Teacher Web Does your studio have a plan to succeed? If you do the same things that you have always done you will receive the same results year after year. If...

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  • TEC_turnout_featured
    Turnout For What! 5 Tips on Improving Your Turnout

    Unless you were born with a natural ability to turn out your legs 180 degrees, you are probably constantly working to improve your natural turnout. Here are some exercises and stretches for you to try! Remember to...

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    How I Personalize My Dressing Room at the Palace Theater!

    One way to make a theater feel like home is to personalize your dressing room. The Broadway show that I am currently in, An American in Paris, is at The Palace Theater. The Palace Theater is an...

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  • DI_yoga_featured
    12 Ways Dancers Can Stay in Shape This Summer

    From Dance Informa #1. Summer Intensives. This is pretty obvious, but essential. There are some awesome summer intensive programs for dancers of all ages out there – make the most of the opportunities! Make sure you really investigate, so...

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  • DI_MenDance_featured
    10 Reasons Why All Boys Should Dance

    From Dance Informa #10. Strength, coordination, fitness, agility. Dance keeps you in condition and makes you strong and fit for other sports – and life in general. #9. Dance builds strong, healthy muscles and bones. It’s also good for...

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  • DTW_TeacherInspiration_featured
    Finding the True Meaning of Teaching Dance

    By Angela D’Valda Sirico of Dance Teacher Web As a teacher you are probably earning a sustainable salary, but also think of success as not only being a monetary thing. It’s also about having happiness, successful relationships...

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  • DI_NewYork_featured
    NYC: To Move or Not to Move?

    From Dance Informa. For many dancers, New York City is the city of dreams. It’s the home of Broadway, of Lincoln Center, of the Radio City Rockettes, and of numerous opportunities and artists. Making the move to...

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    Try My Home Made Summertime Sport Drink!

    Summer is here and it’s so important to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Our body loses essential electrolytes and energy when we are dancing all day. Sport drinks can help replenish what our body...

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