SYTYCD Finalist Jessica Richens on Life After the Show!


WA_JessicaRichens_MAINJessica Richens, second runner-up of this year’s So You Think You Can Dance, was recently in our studio for a photo shoot. In between shots she was kind enough to answer our questions. Here’s what she had to say!

DL: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JR: I don’t have any specific plans other than continuing to audition and keep performing! I would love to tour with an artist – Beyonce would be amazing.

DL: What will you take with you on the SYTYCD tour to make the trip more comfortable?

JR: Since we will mostly be on a bus, I’ll definitely take headphones, a good book and a blanket!

DL: What advice do you have for dancers who are thinking about auditioning for SYTYCD?

JR: I would tell them to audition and just be yourself! It’s a once in a lifetime chance! Also, especially if you’re younger so have a couple years, train in ALL the styles. It will really help.

DL: We know that you had to deal with a shoulder injury during the show. How did that affect your experience?

JR: It really added a whole other element to my experience. I really thought I would have to go home because of it. Luckily all of the choreographers were very helpful and I just had to make sure and communicate to them when something was not feeling right.

DL: Who did you connect with most from the cast?

JR: Honestly we are all one big family!

DL: Why was your favorite guest judge?

JR: It was an honor to get feedback from all of them, but I especially enjoyed Christina Applegate. Her feedback was just so sincere.

DL: What was the biggest surprise filming the show?

JR: How hard the on-screen interviews are! I would talk and talk and then they would say “That’s great Jess, now make it way shorter!”

DL: What’s your favorite dance movie?

JR: Dirty Dancing.

DL: What’s your guilty pleasure?

JR: Probably staying home, doing nothing and watching Game of Thrones!

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