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Studio Owners: It’s Time to Get Social!


SF_SocialMedia_MAINDoes your studio have its own business Facebook page? How about an Instagram account? If not it’s time to get on board the social media train!

Social media can benefit your studio in multiple ways. First, it’s a promotional tool. It’s basically free advertising for class registration, performances, fund raisers, and more. If you choose to run ads, they allow you to pick the specific audience you would like to target – age, gender, and location are all considered.

You can also increase your presence among other local businesses and organizations in your community. “Liking” people’s pages is a nice way to say “hi” and hopefully they will “like” you back! Also, we all know that the dance community is actually rather small. Having a social media presence gives you the chance to connect with studios and teachers nation wide!

Did you know the DDS Dance Teacher Program has an exclusive Facebook group? Request to join here!

Social media can also be a great communication tool between your studio and your students and parents. You can post all of  your announcements and reminders right online. It can sometimes be a challenge to get certain messages across – like rehearsal dates and times, what you need to bring, etc. – so using a Facebook wall or Twitter feed as another studio bulletin board is helpful. Also, if you live in an area with harsh weather for example, you can announce studio closings on Facebook. This way those families who you couldn’t get ahold of via phone can just check the page for studio closure updates.

Tips on a successful social media presence:

  • Set up profiles on multi-medias. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are the main players in this game, so if you can get a profile set up on each that is great.
  • Cross-promote your posts on as many sites as possible. Also, cross promote your social media sites! Post to Facebook when you put up a new Pinterest board, Tweet a link to your Facebook page, etc.
  • Make sure that you have the proper image release paperwork filled out if you plan on posting images of your students.
  • Reply to comments and questions as soon as possible!
  • Use a lot of images. Typically social media users respond much better to posts that include images rather than just text.
  • Include the different social media logos on your printed material so students and parents know that you have profiles set up.
  • Be very interactive! It’s called “social” media for a reason. Interact with other dance industry pages, and they are likely to do the same for you!

Once you get started you will see how easy and fun it is! Do you have any other social media advice? Share it in the comment section below! 

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