Softening Pointe Shoes with Purel

By on May 9, 2016

My favorite trick to break in stiff pointe shoes isPurelPointe to use Purel to soften them! I always apply a dollop to my pointe shoe around my bunion area, and this softens my box to make my shoes flexible and quiet. Since Purel is a gel, it works well because it can be applied to specific areas to soften hard shoes. It doesn’t make a mess like rubbing alcohol, and it works significantly better than water because because it dries so quickly. So all in all, it’s a cheap and easy way to soften your pointe shoes and help you break in your pointe shoes in the specific areas where you use it. You should try it!


About Shannon Marie Rugani

After dancing with the San Francisco Ballet for eleven years, Shannon Marie Rugani is currently making her Broadway debut as an original ensemble member in An American In Paris and is the understudy for Lise Dassin. Shannon is a native California girl hailing from South Lake Tahoe, California and has been in love with ballet since she was six years old.

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