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By on December 20, 2016

One of the most important aspects of a dancer’s overall workout routine should include what foods he/she put in his/her body. After all, your body is your instrument. Without the proper fuel and nutrition, how can you expect to do your best throughout class and rehearsal? Sure, having a granola bar here and there is always a good option for a mid-rehearsal pick me up, but what about before and after your training? I’m sharing some of my favorite, nutrition packed snacks for every part of a dancer’s day. From pre-rehearsal to post-rehearsal, try one of these healthy snacks to help fuel your body, so that you are able to work to the best of your abilities.

Pre Rehearsal:

It is important to have carbohydrates, proteins and fats one hour before.

-Hydrate! It is key that dancers and athletes stay hydrated.

-Apples and nut butter

-Bananas and peanut butter

-Trail mix

-Energy bars

Mid Rehearsal:

This should be light and easy to digest!


-Kiwi Slices


Post Rehearsal:

After you dance, it is necessary to replenish your muscles with fluids, protein and carbohydrates within an hour of your rehearsal.


-Dates and Nuts

-Coconut Water

-Natural Peanut Butter and apple wrap

-Fresh fruit juice

About Molly Peterson

Molly Peterson is a California-based dancer, and has been dancing since she was three years old. She's trained in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical and ballroom. Molly has been modeling for Discount Dance for three years and is now a brand ambassador. Holding an interest in Public Relations, she is currently a full time student working on her Bachelors degree in Business. She hopes to one day work for Discount Dance after her dancing career. She is currently traveling across Europe as the lead female dancer for Viking Ocean Cruises.

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