Shannon Rugani Shares Her Dressing Room Essentials


DLShannon_dressingroom_MAINIt took me years to figure out exactly what I needed to prepare for performances. Below is my “go to” list of things I like to have on-hand to prepare for performances. I call it my Ballerina First Aid Kit! In no particular order:

  • toe tape
  • thread and a needle for sewing
  • mints
  • makeup remover
  • brush and comb
  • hair pins
  • hair spray
  • spray bottle for water for my hair
  • makeup
  • makeup brushes
  • snacks (Greens Chocolate energy bars are my favorite!!)
  • deodorant
  • towel
  • heating pad
  • warm ups (leotards, tights, sweater and pants)
  • rehearsal tutu or skirt
  • clarisonic
  • phone charger
  • speakers for music
  • tea and a mug
  • blender bottle for my green smoothie
  • personal cards and photos to make me feel at home
  • perfume
  • scissors
  • earphones
  • Feminine products (tampons)
  • toe pads and toe spacers
  • makeup sponges
  • tissues
  • stage earrings
  • lidocaine (to numb my toess if thay are sore)
  • tubagrip
  • yoga mat
  • dance bag
  • slippers
  • ballet shoes
  • socks
  • pointe shoes
  • water bottle

I practically live in a theater, and I find it to be very important to make my dressing room feel as comfortable as possible. All of these things are very important for me to be ready for the performance, and they are essential for a dancer who is performing all the time.

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