Shannon Marie Rugani – Nutrition: Eating Organic

Staying in shape on vacations can be a challenge. When I am dancing all  day and performing at night it is easy to stay in great shape. When I take a break, I have to alter my diet to maintain a healthy and lean body shape.

losing weight is about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise

For me, the most important thing to staying healthy and slim is a balanced and  nutritious diet consisting of organic food. From my experience, staying in shape or losing weight is about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. When I  changed my diet a few years ago to eating organic foods, I lost the  weight I wanted to lose and have been able to keep it off. My body reacted very well to the diet of organic foods and seemed to receive the nutrition it  needed while consuming much less quantity of food.

Organic food is sometimes hard to find in grocery stores, restaurants, and  can be more expensive than regular food. But it’s well worth the search  because it keeps your body in great shape and will keep you healthy. Your  body is the only place you have to live so treat it with respect and it will  take good care of you.

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