Quick Tips for Competition Prep


COMP_DancerTips_MAINIt’s competition time!

Do you have everything you need to make this your best performance yet?

Competitions are a great way for dancers to show off their hard work and talent. While it’s a really fun experience, there can be some stressful moments for dancers and parents. Coming in prepared will help you have the most enjoyable competition experience possible.

Tip #1: Do most of your packing the night before to ensure a stress-free (or at least reduced) competition morning.

Tip #2: Use a written or typed out checklist to double check you have everything you need. You might forget things on a “mental list” when game-day nerves kick in.

  1. Starting from the top, there are a lot of hair details to consider. Make sure and bring hairspray, hair ties, bobby pins, accessories, glitter, hair pieces, hair nets, etc.
  2. Next is makeup. This includes makeup remover and eyelash glue. You will need to consider jewelry, both in the matter of taking it off and putting it on. Group numbers need to be uniform so this means no to personal jewelry, and yes to approved jewelry that everyone is wearing.
  3. Costumes, undergarments and accessories obviously need to be packed, but along with bringing them with, you should try and have a couple run-throughs of the dance with them on. No one wants a costume malfunction on stage.
  4. The same goes for shoes. If you can, try and get a moment on the stage with your shoes on and see what kind of condition it’s in. You don’t want to be surprised by a slippery floor or splinters.
  5. Now that all of your performance based items are under control, there are some extras you should remember too. Warm-ups are important, especially if you have specific outfits that everyone from your studio will be wearing.
  6. There will probably be a lot of down-time, so bring things to keep you entertained. Phones, iPads, and headphones are a good idea – and don’t forget your charger.
  7. The last, and maybe most important reminder, is bringing food! Pack a cooler of healthy snacks and a lot of water. Your adrenaline will be pumping so you might not feel hungry, but in order to perform your best you need to fuel your body.

This is your moment to shine. Trust in your training and preparation and everything will work out great. Merde!



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