Pro Makeup Tips From Shannon Rugani

By on March 18, 2014

DLShannon_StageMakeup_Mar14_MAINOver the years I’ve learned first hand, that the proper makeup during a performance is very important to ensure that you look your very best. When I am performing and sweating onstage, it can be difficult to keep my makeup from running or smearing. Here are three of my favorite stage makeup tricks to make sure my makeup stays in place and beautiful during performances.

  • Primer or makeup spray is a great tool to help makeup stay put. Unfortunately it can really clog your pores, so make sure that you wash your face thoroughly after wearing it.
  • I wear a very thick powder on my face such as M.A.C. Studio Fix. It’s thicker than regular face powder, prevents my face from getting shiny while sweating and keeps my skin evenly toned.
  • I dab my face with tissues when I come off stage to soak up the excess moisture. Never rub your face with tissues because it might take the makeup off or smear it.

Part of being a professional dancer is to make everything look effortless. These three simple tricks keep me looking my very best, even when what I’m doing on stage is very difficult.

About Shannon Marie Rugani

After dancing with the San Francisco Ballet for eleven years, Shannon Marie Rugani is currently making her Broadway debut as an original ensemble member in An American In Paris and is the understudy for Lise Dassin. Shannon is a native California girl hailing from South Lake Tahoe, California and has been in love with ballet since she was six years old.

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