Preparing for Back to School as a Dancer


It’s that time of year again, back to school and back to dance. It’s crazy how time flies!
Whether you’ve been traveling, at a summer intensive, or relaxing this
summer, it can be hard to get back into your school schedule.
Some ways I like to prepare for school are:


Start Waking Up Early Now

Whether you’re online-schooled, home-schooled, or go to public school, make the first day easier on yourself by getting up early and getting to bed early, about a week before school starts. Sleep is extremely important. Getting into your school schedule before-hand will help get your mind and body prepared!

Plan & Schedule

I really recommend getting a planner or a goals journal! I found that writing things down have really helped me keep organized. Plan time for homework, dance, and most importantly…yourself. Be sure to read through all of your school material and information for the upcoming year. It makes it so much easier to see it all on paper so you can visualize what you need to accomplish and how much time it will take you.

Get Inspired

Find something or someone who really inspires you and motivates you!

Personally, watching and listening to someone who inspires and motivates me helps me get creative and accomplish things. Find something that makes you excited! When I’m inspired, studying and working on homework are far more enjoyable.


Be Confident and Express Yourself

I feel most confident when I can express myself. Through dance, clothing, personal items, decorating, etc. I love going through my closet before back to school season, and donating things that don’t fit anymore, that I’m not confident in, or just don’t like anymore. I love going shopping for new leotards, outfits and supplies for the new year!

I hope these tips help you to confidently ace this school year!
Stay motivated and never give up!

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