Planning Ahead on Social Media


To Do List Full? Plan Your Social Media Posts in Advance.

As Dance Professionals our lives are filled with endless “To Do Lists.” For many, adding Social Media to that already growing list seems daunting and impossible. Of course, waiting until the last minute to do anything can be very stressful — especially with Social Media. Remember, CONSISTENCY in your posting is key. Our advice: plan ahead.

Here are some of my favorite tips for Planning Ahead on Social Media:


I suggest creating a spreadsheet full of posts that are “ready to go.” This becomes avaluable resource (and lifesaver) on days when you are feeling uninspired, overwhelmed or just plain tired. You can categorize your posts by platform (ie:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and build up a solid archive that you can refer to in the future. I try to write a bunch of posts on days when I am feeling especially inspired.


If you want to go a step further you can utilize a social media management tool such as Hootsuite (http://www.hootsuite.comwhich allows you to manage, schedule, and measure all of your accounts at once. We find this especially useful for Twitter. There is an option for Instagram but it can be a bit trickier especially if you do a lot of video posts (which we highly recommend for dance studios). Facebook has its own feature for programming posts in advance but this is great too. There are others out there — this just happens to be my favorite. A basic Hootsuite account is free although upgrades are available.


Worst case scenario; jot your ideas down in a notebook. Remember: Old school is theNEW school. Let your ideas and creativity flow freely. Your notes might include quotes you love, ideas for videos, favorite photographs in your archives, ideas for #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday or advertisements for upcoming events such as your recital or master classes.

I truly believe that planning your posts in advance will make your experience on Social Media much more creative and enjoyable. Most importantly, have fun sharing your love and passion for dance with the world.

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