Paige’s Tips On Keeping Warm During the Winter Dance Season!


NUT_PaigeWarm_MAINDancer and DDS model Paige Borowski is finishing up her first semester as a dance major at Julliard. As a West Coast girl now living in blistery New York City, Dance Life was curious how she is dealing with the cold. Here’s what she had to say!

I am adjusting well I think to the FREEZING cold! It has not snowed yet this year, which is unusual but it is still extremely cold! The cold really has affected my dancing. I noticed as it got colder and colder outside that my joints were getting tighter and muscles were becoming stiff even after warming up.

I’ve learned to do a really good warm up that gets my muscles moving and joints working. I also find it helpful to layer clothing for the class, or sometimes just the beginning of it. Also doing a warm-down after class has been helpful. I put back on my warm up clothes after class and stretch for a few minutes to allow my muscles and body temperature to adjust in a more gradual manor. 

Paige’s Tips:

  • Do a really good warm up to get your muscles and joints moving.
  • Layer clothing for class.
  • Do a warm-down stretch after class with your warmup clothes back on.

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