My Unforgettable Summer at The Houston Ballet

By on June 17, 2014

DLMimi_summerintensive_MAINMy first summer intensive audition was for The Houston Ballet. I was twelve years old and really didn’t know much about the dance world. My mom was the one who suggested I start doing auditions for summer programs, since I was of the appropriate age. I remember not being nervous, because I didn’t fully understand that I was actually doing an audition. I just thought I was taking another class. The class was ages 12-18, so I was the smallest one in the room.

When the class was over, we returned the numbers and as I was leaving, they called me back into the studio to inform me that I had been accepted with a full scholarship. I was so excited! I called my mom immediately. I had no expectations for the audition, and suddenly was offered to train at the prestigious Houston Ballet – free of charge. I accepted the offer right away, and that was my first summer program.

I think of it as my first real taste of finding out what it takes to become a professional. My eyes were open to all the other talented dancers from around the world.

It was a big wake up call, lots of hard work, and I learned so much. It was definitely difficult at twelve years old, but it only sparked my interest even more, and drove me to push harder.

About Mimi

Mimi Tompkins is in the corps de ballet at Ballet Arizona. A former apprentice at National Ballet of Canada, and trainee with the San Francisco Ballet, Mimi is a second-generation ballerina from McLean, Virginia and has been dancing ballet since she was three years old.

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