Mimi Tompkins – Staying In Shape

Because dance is such a demanding art form, it often takes a toll on your body. I find that after a grueling season, time off is the best way to recover. Many people fear taking time off, worrying that they will get out of shape. While on vacation from dance, I like to really take time to relax, but I’ve learned a few things that work for me to keep my physicality from going down the drain.

I like to do my exercises at night, after I’m fresh out of the shower, in my pajamas, and still warm. This is my routine:

  • Start with some stretching, like the splits, middle splits, frog, and other things to keep up my flexibility.
  • A little floor barre and light strengthening exercises.
  • Although I switch up these exercises to make sure I maintain all my muscle groups I primarily focus on are the core muscles (the abs and glutes.)
  • At least 50 crunches, sometimes 100 depending on how sore I am.

I usually try to not take more than a week off of ballet class, but everyone is different. Some people need more time to recover. It’s hard to stay motivated while on “vacation mode,” but if you take just fifteen minutes each day to do your exercises, your hard work won’t go to waste.  Once I get back into class, I don’t feel like such a Gumby or like I’m doing ballet for the first time. I am always glad I stayed committed to staying in shape!

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