Mimi Tompkins – Moving to Toronto

After four great years in San Francisco, I’m ready for a new chapter. I’ve been preparing for this move since the beginning of March, when I was offered an apprenticeship with National Ballet of Canada. After months of anticipation, here I am in the great city of Toronto!

 It’s hard to believe I’m a foreigner in such a similar country! 

I packed up all my stuff and shipped it across the country from San Francisco to Toronto. Packing up was definitely harder than unpacking, which was much more fun and exciting. I settled into my apartment on August 7, as soon as I arrived. All my belongings were ready in my apartment but I’ve had numerous other things to get established.

Being American, I had to get my permit to work in  Canada. It’s hard to believe I’m a foreigner in such a similar country! I also got a Canadian phone, which was very exhilarating for the teenager within me, which I still technically am until November. Another thing I needed to do was get my health card and SIN, which is like a social security number in the US. After all the technical issues were dealt with, I was finally ready to get to work!

My first official day at NBoC was August 12. Everyone in the company was very welcoming, so my transition has been wonderful so far. I am so happy to be here in Toronto and dancing with the National Ballet of Canada. I can’t wait for the season to begin!

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