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SF_success_MAIN“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” John F. Kennedy

The performance comes to an end, the dancers take their bow and the audience comes to its feet to give a standing ovation. As the thunderous applause starts to wane, the cry is for “Encore!” As it echoes through the theater, the music starts again and the dancers, as if suddenly brought to life, begin to whirl around the stage at a feverish pitch as the audience continues to applaud and whistle and cheer. The symbolism is clear: for every performance we need the “encore” to set it all in motion again. So it is with owning a studio.

With each small success, we need to give the recognition both to ourselves and to the people around us, so that everyone is ready to take the next step upward to more success.

Success is both real and yet intangible, always beckoning us to go beyond where we are. It is only by truly believing in ourselves and our dreams, and by our willingness to listen to the wise and be ready to grow, that we are able to go on that exciting journey that will take us to the top. It is only by refusing to let negativity be a part of our lives or to let other people tear down our dreams, to face our fears squarely in the face, and to treat others with the respect that we want for ourselves that we empower or enable ourselves to become the leaders that we need to be to own a business and have it thrive.

You have your dreams and your goals, but the fact is that unless you are willing to put in the time and the hard work to realize it all, then it absolutely won’t happen. The great thing about owning a dance studio is that most people who enter into the world of studio ownership do so because they have a love for dance. They love being independent, and they love having the control of their lives, both current and future. So it doesn’t usually feel like hard work and on the days that it does, just know that it is all part of your journey to success.

Think Big!

You must develop the mindset of a winner. That, however, will not give you a pass on everything that comes your way. There will be times when you could possibly face hardship or disappointments, and everything that goes along with them. It does mean that you will have the ability to overcome and survive all those times, and come through even stronger than before. It also means you will learn to be adaptable and to change course when necessary-even when the road is challenging and scary! Believe in yourself and don’t let other people tear down your dreams and goals. Listen to the wise and be willing to grow, treat others with the respect you want for yourself. Striving for excellence in everything we do really does make our lives more rewarding. It is important to remember that we are human beings and that mistakes will be made along the way. This is just part of the progress. Without the mistakes, there will be little growth because the mistakes that we make in life force us to both look and move forward. Understand that each success is simply a part of the huge success waiting to happen. Never let fear stand in your way, and be willing to get ready for a great ride to the top!

The importance of You!

Your story and who you are is what keeps it all together. It is the reason why you have a studio, why you have staff and faculty, why you have students and ultimately, why everyone in your life wants to not only be around you, but be part of your life. Be honest with yourself, your staff, teachers and your students. Be honest with your spouse or significant other. Let them into your world that is full of passion and dreams, so that everyone connected to you will feel the need to invest in all that you have to offer.

Listen to your gut feelings-they are usually correct. Resist the temptation to be lazy or lackadaisical, or to stay too long in a comfortable place. Make sure that your life is balanced in such a way as to give you the much-needed moments to relax and get away from it all.

Assess your talents, your strengths and weaknesses, and give yourself credit for who you are and what you accomplish on a daily basis. Assess the time you spend with your loved ones and find a way, whatever way that works, to balance your life in order to be fulfilled in all areas.

The Role of Leadership

Being a leader can be tough at times, but if you are willing to follow and implement the ideas that others in your organization give you, they will understand that you are making choices to benefit both the business and them. It is hard for people to be disloyal or negative when they see that you, as the leader, understand the responsibilities that come along with that position.

As Zig Ziglar has said, “Happiness is dependent on happenings!

The Journey

Finding the right people to build a strong team of like-minded individuals who are willing and able to take that journey with you to success is a big key. As on any journey, there are times when you have to stop and refuel, when you need food and drink and when you need rest. There are moments when, even if you are following the map or GPS, an error can occur and you can end up in a place that you did not want to be. There can be aggravating moments and times of pure joy. In short, practically anything can happen. But the knowledge and resources that you have are what make the difference as to whether you get stuck in a bad place or find a way to a better place.

Using Your Tools

There are tools that can be used to raise everything in your life up to an exciting standard. Times are changing, and if you have the courage and vision to move ahead, to be an effective and viable business owner, the rewards will come back to you in greater numbers than you may dream of. The people who are go-getters and make things happen are the ones who will not only survive, but find new ways to attract customers through their doors. You can be that person, and it really doesn’t matter whether you have had your studio for one or fifty years. With the right thinking, you can make unbelievable changes for the good that will benefit everyone around you. Make the decision to fully prepare yourself by staying in touch with everything new, by improving the old and not being afraid to keep on learning. I know for myself that I feel excited and invigorated when I put myself in learning mode. What a great feeling that is! Take as many ideas as you possibly can, so that you can continue toward the success you deserve.

I know that there are ups and downs that we have and do encounter on a daily basis as we run our dance studio. As we go forward together in the dance studio industry, our wish is to continue to make it a positive experience from every angle and to find more ways to make our lives and those of our students and their parents, our staff and faculty more fulfilling.

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