Krystn Janicek: YAGP Model Search Winner

KrystnJanicekModel_10-11-13_MAINWe recently had Krystn Janicek, the winner of our 2013 Youth American Grand Prix Model Search, on set for her very first Discount Dance photo shoot. She totally rocked it for the camera and got a sneak peak at our latest styles! In between Krystn’s gorgeous photos, we had the chance sit down and get to know this lovely young lady.

DL: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Krystn: I’m 14 years old; I’ve been studying ballet for 5 years. I dance at Bravissimo Dance Studio in Belmont, California near San Francisco.

DL: Is ballet your primary dance style?

Krystn: Mostly ballet, but I also have some contemporary and character classes.

DL: Was this your first year competing at YAGP?

Krystn: Yes it was! Any competition actually!

DL: Wow! So you just came out of the gate swinging and dove right into YAGP?

Krystn: [laughs] Yes!

DL: Were you scared or were you eager to just go for it?

Krystn: First during rehearsals I was a little nervous…but then once I heard the sound- the music to my variation playing- it was better.

DL: Did you place?

Krystn: I did not place, but I think the model search made up for it! [laughs]

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DL: Describe how you felt when you were selected as a finalist for the model search.

Krystn: I was ecstatic. I didn’t realize it was me at first. They said the name of my school first and I was just sitting there like, “oh someone else from my school was here… “ and then they said my name and I jumped out of my seat and ran to the stage and it was just great.

DL: How did you feel when you heard you won?

Krystn: I heard it from my mom. So she called and almost screamed in my ear, “You won, you won!” It was great, but it was really hard keeping it a secret until the day of the official announcement. It was just amazing to hear that I had won!

DL: Had you ever modeled before?

Krystn: Only for my mom because she’s a photographer and she has friends who are photographers…so it was really nerve wracking to be in this really professional place.

DL: Did you have fun modeling today?

Krystn: I did! I was a little nervous about how it was going to work out, but then everyone was really nice and comforting so I wasn’t too scared once I started.

DL: What did you think of the new styles you were modeling?

Krystn: I loved all of them! They were so nice! I wish I could take them all home- maybe I can just buy them all. [laughs]

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