How To Make a T-Shirt Scarf!


We all have those old T-shirts we love and can’t bear to part with but they don’t fit anymore or maybe they have holes in the armpits but we love the color and they are just oh-so- soft! We’ll show you how to give those oldies a new life as a scarf that is cute AND useful….all in 4 easy steps.

It’s no secret: dancers sweat. A lot. That means they’re working hard sharpening their skills and honing their craft. This DIY scarf is light enough to wear year round and the cotton that T-shirts are made out of is great for wiping the sweat out of your eyes at rehearsal.

What you’ll need:

  • A soft T-shirt
  • Sharp scissors
  • Flat surface

Step 1:

Rummage through your closet for an old T-shirt. OR invest in a new T-shirt made of a super soft blend like this one available here.

Step 2:

Fold the shirt across right below the armpits and lay the shirt flat.

Step 3:

With a sharp pair of scissors, cut straight across the fold making sure you hold the shirt in place as you go.

Step 4:

Scrunch the scarf down around your neck and voilá!

Congratulations! You’re ready to go!


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