Here’s How to Make 2016 Your Year!



By Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web

Yes, we are about to say good-bye to another year! This is a great time of year to focus on what you would like to have happen in both your business and personal lives for 2016. Steve and I make a goal planner every year during the month of December to help bring clarity, vision and a purpose to our future dreams.

Remember: Goals that are not written down are just dreams and hopes for a better future. The fun part with this planner is that you can be as bold as you want to be. Hey, if you don’t dream BIG, who will?

Ok so here is the plan. We have several questions for you below. Please print this page out and start to fill in your answers. Keep in mind that you are the only one who can really answer these questions because your business and your personal life is unique to you.

The first questions are a bit more personal. Remember that you are the single greatest person in your business. So setting your own personal goals is going to help you to propel your business forward by giving you the energy and enthusiasm necessary to further build it.

Personal Goal Planner:

1. What is the biggest dream you would like to see come into reality for the New Year?

2. What goal do you have for the additional income you would like to receive this coming Year?

3. What would you like to spend most of your time doing? (this can either be at the studio or doing something else)

4. What is the one thing that you would like to do more of that would bring you the most happiness?

5. What is the one thing that you would really like to change in your life?

So you can see that these question should already have you thinking! Have fun with them as you answer and make sure to print this page off so you can write down your answers. We always feel that the act of writing something down helps to solidify it in your mind. You may need more room so you can write on the back of the paper or transfer everything to a new sheet, the key here is to write the answers down!

Business Goal Planner!

1. How many students would you like to have enrolled at your school?

2. Do you want or need to bring in additional teachers?

3. Do you need to replace any teachers?

4. Do you need to hire or replace current front desk or office staff?

5. Is the space you have for your school sufficient?

6. Can you rearrange or create more revenue generating space in your current location?

7. What is the one thing you would like to add to your studio?

You can see that some of these question are designed to get you thinking about ways to do what you do even better. Once you have completed these questions keep reviewing them every day over the next month or so. Just a quick glance first thing in the morning will get your mind in the right place for the entire day. Then after that, check on this list every week and update it as you proceed forward. Setting goals is a fluid situation. Don’t be down or discouraged if something does not happen right away. Keep plugging along and keep the faith. Think about it: Even if you don’t hit exactly what you are aiming for, chances are you will have a better life and business just by trying to achieve these goals!

We have the quote below on the wall in one of our studios. It is there not only for our students to look at but also for our teachers to… Including us!

“Believe you can, and you are half way there!”

Theodore Roosevelt

This summer Steve, Robert Landau and myself will be doing a wonderful seminar called ” GoalPower! – The Amazing Process of Creating and Realizing any and Every Goal” in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Resort on Monday August 1st at 9 am. For more information visit

We hope to see you there and look forward to helping you be all you can be!

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