DIY Pointe Shoe Tote Bag!


DIYPointeShoeBag_09-16-13_MAINThis oh-so-sweet DIY pointe shoe bag is the perfect project for the crafty ballerina! The best part is you can personalize it just the way you want it!

It’s pretty adorable all done up in pink. You could channel your inner Black Swan and go with black paint and ribbons. You could get funky and do a hot pink bag with turquoise paint and ribbons. You could even do red and green for the holidays!

We’ve included a supply list, step by step instructions and FREE stencil templates to download!

Level: Intermediate-Advanced, adult supervision required. Time: Apprx 1 hour .



Canvas Bag
Pink Fabric Paint
Pink 7/8” Wide Ribbon
2 Stencil Sheets
Stencil  Template
Craft Knife
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks- Optional: Needle & Thread
Permanent Marker
Measuring Tape or Ruler
Scrap Cardboard
Flat Top Foam Brush
Optional: Small Standard Foam Brush
Optional: Masking Tape


Print This List!

Step 1: Use your permanent marker to trace the toe box template onto a stencil sheet. (Figure 1)


Step 2: Place your stencil sheet onto scrap piece of cardboard and use your craft knife to cut out the toe box shapes to create a stencil for filling in with paint. (Figures 2a & 2b)


  • Bonus: You can save the part you cut out to use as a tracing stencil on future projects!

Step 3: Use your permanent marker to trace the leg template onto a stencil sheet. Be sure to make a thick mark through each dot. (Figure 3)


Step 4:  Use your scissors to cut out the leg stencil leaving them connected at the bottom. (Figures 4a & 4b)


Step 5: Line up your toe box painting stencil with the bottom of the bag and use your pencil to mark the upper corners. (Figure 5)


Step 6: Place your leg shaped tracing stencil on the bag so that the bottom of each leg lines up with your pencil marks from Step 5. Use a pencil to mark the bag at each thick mark along the leg stencil up to the top edge of the bag. (Figure 6a)


  • Optional: Avoid sewing or gluing and create more shapely legs on your bag by simply tracing the legs with a paint pen or permanent marker. Use a small standard shape foam brush to paint on the ribbons free-hand.

You should now have similar markings to the bag in Figure 6b. If your marks don’t look right you can use an eraser followed by a damp cloth to remove the pencil markings.


Step 7: Slip a piece of scrap cardboard into your bag and line up your toe box painting stencil with your marks Step 5. (Figure 7)


  • Tip: Masking tape is great for holding stencils in place since it’s easy to remove and won’t damage most materials.

Step 8: Pour a quarter size amount of fabric paint onto another piece of scrap cardboard and use your flat top foam brush to dab the paint onto your bag until the stencil is completely filled in. (Figures 8a & 8b)


  • Tip: Foam brushes are super cheap. I find it’s best to buy a small assorted pack. The round brushes with flat tops (Figure 8) are perfect for using with stencils and the standard shaped brushes are good for touching up edges if necessary!

Step 9: Remove stencil from bag and let paint dry to the touch before continuing. (Figure 9)


Step 10: Use your measuring tape or ruler to measure out 30 inches of ribbon and cut with scissors. Repeat until you have a total of 4 pieces of ribbon. (Figure 10)


Step 11: If your paint is dry use your glue gun or needle and thread to attach a piece of ribbon to each upper corner of one toe box. (Figures 11a & 11b)


Step 12: Cross the ribbon to opposite sides and glue or stitch at the next mark. Repeat until you reach the top of your bag. (Figures 12a-12c)

psbag_fig12a psbag_fig12b


Step 13: Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow. (Figure 13)


Step 14: Fold each ribbon tail in half and cut at a diagonal from the fold outwards. This will make a neat and tidy chevron edge. (Figure 14a-14c)

psbag_fig14a psbag_fig14b psbag_fig14c

Repeat Steps 11 through 14 for the other leg to finish. (Figure 15)



Congratulations! You have your own one-of-a-kind pointe shoe bag!


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