DIY Nutcracker Ballerina Finger Puppets!

DIYFingerPuppet_11-20-13_MAINYour tiny dancer will have hours of fun playing with these Nutcracker ballerina puppets. They are so easy to make and you probably already have most of the supplies in your home!

This quick and easy tutorial includes a printable supply checklist, step by step instructions and FREE ballerina printouts!

We’ve included color versions of the Sugar Plum Fairy (pictured) and our “Dance of the Snowflakes” ballerina. Choose a color template or use the blank template, grab some crayons,and let imaginations soar!

BONUS: You can use the same printouts to make our adorable Nutcracker Ballerina Garland!

Level: Beginner, Time: 15-30 minutes




White Cardstock
Glue Stick/White School Glue
Clear Tape
Ballerina Printouts
Optional: Crayons, markers or colored pencils

TIP: You can substitute plain paper for cardstock in a pinch!

Print This List!

Step 1: Load your printer with the white cardstock (or just use plain paper) and printout the Blank Nutcracker Ballerina printout. This printout includes a blank Sugar Plum Fairy, a blank Dance of the Snowflakes ballerina and a Finger Brace Template.

  • Optional: You can color in the blank ballerinas that print with the Finger Brace Template OR you can print our pre-colored versions!
  • NOTE: When printing be sure to set your Size Option to “Actual Size” and Orientation to “Auto Portrait/Landscape.”

Step 2: Cut out the ballerina(s) you want to use and the Finger Brace Template. (Fig. 1a-Fig.1c)




  • NOTE: If you are making more than one ballerina finger puppet, cut out the Finger Brace Template and trace as many as you need on blank paper or cardstock.

Step 3: Use your pencil or pen to roll up the Finger Brace Template (FBT) lengthwise so that it curls up about the size of a finger. (Fig. 2a-Fig. 2b)



Step 4: Wrap the curled up FBT around you or your child’s finger so that it fits snugly but gently. Tape the edges so that you have a hollow tube of paper that fits on the finger- we’ll call this the Finger Brace. (Fig. 3a-Fig. 3c)




Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for as many puppets as you want to make.

Step 5: Glue your ballerina to the Finger Brace. (Fig. 4a-4b)



Repeat Step 5 for as many ballerinas and Finger Braces that you cut out.


Congratulations! Once the glue has dried, your Nutcracker Ballerinas are to take the stage!



TIP: Don’t forget that even if you choose one of the color templates you still need to print the blank template for the Finger Brace Template.

Blank Nutcracker Ballerinas

Color Sugar Plum Fairy

Color Dance of the Snowflakes Ballerina

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