DIY Nutcracker Puppet for Kids!

By on December 6, 2013

DIYNutcrackerPuppet_12-3-13_MAINA simple and fun activity perfect for the holidays!

We’ve got everything you need to bring this adorable Nutcracker Puppet to life, including:

  • A Printable Supply List
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • FREE Nutcracker Printouts!

Our printouts come in a ready-to-go color versions or blank ones to color in yourself!

Level: Beginner

Time: 15-30 minutes



1 Paper Lunch Bag

White Card Stock

Glue Stick/White School Glue

Cotton Balls


Nutcracker Printouts

Optional: Crayons, markers or colored pencils

Print This List!

Step 1: Load your printer with the white cardstock, print a Nutcracker head and body, then cut out the pieces (Fig. 1). You can color them in yourself or print our color versions!

NOTE: When printing be sure to set your Size Option to “Actual Size” and Orientation to “Auto Portrait/Landscape.



Step 2: Glue the body to your lunch bag. (Fig. 2a- Fig. 2b)

IMPORTANT: Be sure line up the “teeth” on the body with the bag’s bottom flap as shown in in Figure 2b.




Step 3: Cover the bottom flap with glue (Fig. 3a- Fig. 3b) and attach the head. Line up the center line of of the top and bottom teeth to make sure your head and body line up correctly. (Fig. 3c)





Step 4: To make “hair” for head and beard gently pull apart 3 -4 cotton balls. (Fig. 4a- Fig. 4c)





Step 5: Glue 1-2 cotton balls that have been pulled apart to one side of your Nutcracker face for “hair”. (Fig. 5a- Fig. 5b) Repeat on the other side.




Step 6: Glue 1 pulled apart cotton ball beneath the bottom row of “teeth” to make a beard. (Fig. 6a- Fig. 6b)




Congratulations! Once the glue has dried, your Nutcracker puppet is ready to play!


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