DIY Nutcracker Ballerina Garland

BallerinaGarland_11-30-13_MAINWe just fell in love with the little ballerinas from our Nutcracker Ballerina Finger Puppet tutorial. The Sugar Plum Fairies and Dance of the Snowflakes ballerinas (pictured) were so adorable we thought they’d make the perfect decorations for spreading a little holiday cheer. Or putting the finishing touch on your Ballerina Birthday Party!

BONUS: You can use most of the same supplies as the finger puppets!

Because we already colored in the ballerinas for you, this project is super easy and extra fun!! Included, you’ll find a printable supply checklist, step by step instructions and FREE ballerina printouts!

Level: Beginner, Time: 30-40 minutes



White Cardstock




Hole Punch

Ballerina Printouts

Optional: Plain printer paper can be substituted for cardstock in a pinch!

Print This List!

Step 1: Load your printer with the white cardstock. Choose the Sugar Plum Fairies, Dance of the Snowflake ballerinas (or both) and print 1-3 pages of each, depending on how long you want your garland to be.

NOTE: When printing be sure to set your Size Option to “Actual Size” and Orientation to “Auto Portrait/Landscape.”

We used 8 ballerinas and 5  feet of curling ribbon to make a 4  foot garland. We placed two ballerinas per foot and left 6 inches on either end to hang our garland with.

TIP: Use these handy formulas to calculate how many ballerinas and feet of ribbon you need based on how long you want your garland to be!

Desired length + 1=Total feet of ribbon needed

Desired length x 2=Total number of ballerinas needed

Total ballerinas/4= How many pages to print

Step 2: Cut out your ballerinas. (Fig. 1)


Step 3: Punch a hole between each ballerina’s hands and bun. (Fig. 2a- Fig. 2b)



TIP: If you only had plain printer paper to work with you can cover the punched hole on both sides with clear tape and re-punch your hole through the tape. It will keep your ballerinas from tearing off from the garland too easily.

Step 4: Once all your ballerinas are cut out and hole punched, use your ruler to measure out the desired length of ribbon. (Fig. 3)


Step 5: Thread your string or ribbon through hole of your first ballerina leaving about 6 inches free at the end. (Fig.4a- Fig. 4b)



Step 6: Loop and knot the string or ribbon to keep your ballerina in place. (Fig. 5a- Fig. 5b)



Step 7: Measure approximately 6 inches of string or ribbon (you can mark it with a pencil if necessary) and thread your next ballerina onto the garland. Loop and knot as in Step 6.

NOTE: After the first ballerina be sure to thread your string/ribbon through your hole punch from front to back.  (Fig. 6a- Fig. 6b) Otherwise, after you tie the knot some of your ballerinas may be facing back instead of front!




Repeat Step 7 until your garland is complete!

TIP: Don’t forget to leave an extra 6 inches of string/ribbon at the end of your garland.

Congratulations! You have a beautiful Nutcracker inspired garland to add to your holiday decor!Ballerina-Garland_Finished

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