DDS Goes to Australia!

We have reached a very exciting milestone here at Discount Dance and just had our very first photo shoot in Australia!


The gorgeous, striking photos that grace the Discount Dance catalog are all shot on location by amazing photographers that specialize in dance photography. One of our favorite photographers is David Hofmann, and you can read more about him here.

David was already heading “Down Under” to Australia for three weeks and arranged to dedicate TWO whole days just for us!

There are a usually a lot of people who make a photo shoot happen. The photographer and models of course, but also a lighting assistant and makeup and hair people. Not to mention several wardrobe assistants all working together to make every outfit flow seamlessly into the next. This time, David was on his own for a whirlwind fashion adventure. When he came back, his first stop was the DDS offices and he and I had a chance to sit down and chat. David also showed me some awesome sneak peek photos, that I just couldn’t wait to share!

Be sure to follow David @sharkcookie on Instagram for more stunning dance photography!

JM: What was it like without the whole crew on hand?

David: It was an interesting challenge! It was just me and the moms, a large bag full of DDS clothes, and two print outs of the garments showing how to mix and match the clothing. I’m so used to having DDS people there to handle all the clothes so I put the moms in charge of taking care of all that.

JM: Was that the most challenging part of the shoot?

David: There were a few things that made is harder than usual. It was very hot and the harsh sunlight is always difficult for photos. Shooting in the harbor area in Sydney was challenging because of all the people. It’s hard to find angles that look beautiful without having people walk in your shot.

JM: What does it feel like being a part the first Australian photo shoot for Discount Dance?

David: I have to say I’m honored! I love trying challenging ideas. Most people follow successful concepts and play safe. I love to try new things and having the DDS team supporting these ideas and making them happen together is pretty cool.

JM: Well, we’ve seen the photos and they’re amazing! Tell us about shooting in such famous locations.

David: One of the models, Kayla-Maree, was performing at the Sydney Opera House, so we did some shots there. First with the building in the shot and then I thought it would be interesting to turn around and shoot looking back at the city from the Opera House steps. As I said, often we had to wait for tourists to pass by. In one shot, looking at the famous harbor bridge, was this one couple who just stopped and would not move. So I told the model to just start posing with them; it was pretty funny. Another funny moment was with a street performer that was all covered in silver. I gave him $5 to pose with one of the dancers. He seemed pretty happy being able to dance with such a talented dancer for a few minutes.

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