Dancers Can Do Anything – 10 Reasons why Dancers Make the Best Employees


SE_DanceEmployees_featuredI love working with dancers! On and off the stage, in class, in life and in business our dance training makes us uniquely qualified to excel at anything we want to do. It’s more than just learning steps, dance teaches us how to succeed at life.

Dancers are Team Players

Whether it’s standing in line to go across the floor, being a member of the chorus, or waiting for your entrance, dancers learn early on that we are not an island. Even when you have a solo, you are still part of the company. The Rockette’s are probably the ultimate example of this concept. It takes mutual respect and humility to really succeed in a dance company. Diva’s just don’t make it in the long run, and they don’t make it in the work place either.

Problem Solvers & Creative Thinkers

When you are in class or rehearsal you are tasked with using your brain and body, your imagination and your resources to solve spacial, rhythmic and timing issues along with body mechanical problems. As choreographers dancers find innovative and ingenious ways to express thoughts, emotions and tell stories. These creative problem solving techniques easily translate to life’s issues and challenges.

Deadline Oriented

Opening night is opening night! How many times have you heard of a delay in a new product rollout, or seen a sign that says “opening in Spring of 2013” and it’s 2014 with no opening in site. Hire a dancer and your project will get done when it’s supposed to be, no matter what! It’s drilled into our DNA – and we’ll do whatever it takes to get it done right, and on time.

Discipline and Dedication

Dancers are the ultimate examples of discipline and dedication because that’s what it takes to spend the long hours in class, practicing on your own and achieving the techniques they strive for.


Ask a dancer to do something for you, and it not only gets done, IT REALLY GETS DONE! They are the ultimate overachievers, always striving to do more, do it better, and do it right.

Focus and Concentration

These are 2 of the most important traits a dancer has – focus and concentration. The ability to zero in on an issue and filter out unwanted distractions helps one get to the heart of a problem and solve it.


Dancers develop a strong sense of responsibility throughout their training. By agreeing to take a series of classes, be in a performance, or taking on an administrative, marketing or production job the commitment to the project is 100%. They understand what it means to say yes.

Self -Improvers

Dance training is filled with constructive (mostly) criticism. In order to improve one must learn how to internalize the comments and use them to get better at the job of dancing.   This puts dancer’s leaps and bounds ahead of those that aren’t able to use criticism to their advantage and make personal improvements.

Ability to Listen and Following Directions

Sounds simple – But you would be surprised at how many people fail at this. Not dancers! Listening and following directions is an integral part of dance training.

Mental and Physical Stamina

How many times do you think a dancer does a plie? Over and over again dancers practice the smallest part of a movement, until they get it right, and then repeat it until it is embedded in their muscle memory. Dancer’s don’t tire or give up easily. The definitive Energizer Bunnies.

And of course there is Passion

Without passion it’s just a job. But add up all 10 traits, mix in a dose of passion, and you have a vibrant, hard-working and successful member of society.

Bottom line:

Dancers: Feel confident in who you are and what you can accomplish – on stage, in class and in life

Parents: Don’t think that dance training is “just a hobby”, it’s way more than that. By supporting and encouraging your children to study the arts, you are helping them to become stellar, exciting renaissance people.

Employers: Hire a dancer and you’ll have one of the best employees you have ever had.

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