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If you’re a dancer, then you know that it takes a lot of discipline, sacrifice and time to devote yourself to the art form. If you’re a mother, then you’d probably say that it takes a lot of patience, sacrifice and sometimes a lack of sleep to devote yourself to another little being. For those who are dancers and mothers, all of those skills must come into play, creating a role that becomes almost otherworldly. Both dancing and motherhood are full-time jobs, but many women have found a way to do both and keep balanced. Here, Dance Informacelebrates those moms who dance – those “supermoms”.

Sarah Ricard Orza, soloist with Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB)

Since Sarah Ricard Orza gave birth to her now two-year-old daughter, Lola, three other dancers at PNB have become mothers as well. The company offers a clear maternal policy through the dancers’ AGMA union agreement, and this community of mothers also offers as a support system.

Orza continued to dance rigorously until she was about three months pregnant, after which she took class and performed as Frau Staulbaum in The Nutcracker.

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