Dance Related Careers: Exploring Your College Course Options!


DanceRelatedCareers_10-03-13_MAINI love dance. Like L-O-V-E dance. Dance is a huge part of my life. Even though I realized fairly early on that I do not have what it takes to be a professional dancer. For starters, I lead a free dance class in my home for my friends and I to stay in shape. From time to time I dance in productions at the local community college. I even get small paying gigs to choreograph for local college musicals and community theaters. None of this pays the bills. Not even close.

My true calling is right here at Discount Dance Supply. I join my passion for dance with the company’s in our Marketing and Social Media department. While I was in college I took business and marketing classes to support running my own business for 7 years. Those classes, my real world experience and my genuine love of dance are what prepared me for a career in marketing at the largest online dancewear company in the U.S.

Don’t despair! There is a wide world of non-dance career opportunities where you can still be involved in the magic of dance!

So many times dancers believe that if they can’t get a job as a professional dancer or heaven forbid, suffer a debilitating injury, that teaching is an “easy” fall back career. Just ask any teacher and they’ll be quick to tell you that isn’t the case. Teaching requires its own very special skill set, and let’s face it: it’s not the most lucrative job in the world. As the U.S. education system continues to cut funding for the Arts in public schools, there are less and less teaching jobs to be had every year.

Don’t despair! There is a wide world of non-dance career opportunities where you can still be involved in the magic of dance! Surely someone designs all those gorgeous dance costumes on SYTCD and DWTS. Major productions always need makeup artists who know how to meet the demands of dancing and apply makeup for the stage. Perhaps you’d like to open a studio of your own someday. The list of creative dance related jobs in the dancewear industry alone are impressive. Dance photographer, production designer, fashion merchandising, graphic design, modeling dancewear- the list goes on and on. The key is to take stock of your skills, be really honest with yourself and determine your natural abilities and talents.

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Here’s your quick guide to college courses you can take to get started exploring some of these fields:

  • Costume/Dancewear Designer- Beginning Sewing, Costume Design Theory and Practice, Sketching and Drawing
  • Dance Photographer- Intro to Photography, Art History, Art 101
  • Graphic Design- Art 101, Intro to Photography, Photoshop
  • Dancewear Merchandising- Fashion Merchandising, Branding, Marketing, Accounting
  • Studio Owner- Business Management, Accounting, Marketing
  • Makeup Artist- Beginning Stage Makeup, Fashion/Costume History

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