Can diet calm stage nerves?


DanceInforma_Diet&Nerves_MAINBy Emily C. Harrison MS, RD, LD for Dance Informa

The Centre for Dance Nutrition.

Being nervous is a natural part of day-to-day life for a dancer. Maybe there is a big audition, a run of shows or even a new choreographer in the studio. There are healthy ways to deal with nerves and food choices can play an important role.

Before any big show, you want to feel as prepared as possible.  Sure there can be last minute changes, but there shouldn’t be last minute changes to your diet on a big day. Preparing your food and snacks ahead of time will help you feel confident and strong. Going for too long without eating leads to one feeling jittery, shaky, tired and grumpy. Eat every three hours, making sure you have healthy, easy to digest, carb-based snacks on hand.

Dancers perform their best when calm, confident, and well fueled.  These few tips can help:  

1. Eat a healthy dinner with complex carbs the night before.

2. Plan ahead and bring carb-based meals and snacks with you; and eat every three hours.

3. Avoid refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and additives.

4. Stay hydrated and limit caffeine.


For more indepth information about these tips read the full article by Emily C. Harrison MS, RD, LD.

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