Brian Friedman- Creative Director of The PULSE On Tour

BrianFriedmanInterview_11-4-13_MAINWe read some of your earliest breaks came from appearing in Newsies and Kids Incorporated. What was it like to land those early roles?

My 1st audition was for the film Newsies and to be cast in that film was one of the most amazing feelings in my life! I really felt like my dream was coming true. Shortly after wrapping the film I had a casting for Kids Incorporated, which was one of my favorite TV shows as a child. Being on set of that show for 3 years straight was such a cool experience. I literally grew up on the set I had watched for years. My teen years were unlike other kids but I wouldn’t change them for anything!

How has the industry changed today from when you were first appearing as a young professional dancer?

It had changed in many ways. When I was young, only a handful of dancers were working and to be in that elite group of individuals you had to be the best of the best. I think there are so many more opportunities for dancers now, and with the help of social media, you can be spotted from a small town and achieve your dreams much quicker than in the past. With the help of reality dance television shows, dancers have new dreams to dream of and it’s great that these shows are promoting being well rounded. I do think that dancers need to remember that hard work pays off and that you can’t fast forward through your training.

Is it true Madonna is the one person you still dream about working with? What are you doing to make that happen?

I always wanted to work for Madonna! I wrote a list when I was 12 years old of the icons I dreamed to work for… on that list were Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Paula Abdul and Madonna. I was able to cross everyone off of that list except Madonna. I believe that when the time is right, our paths will cross.

What is the most fun you have had recently?

I love Halloween, and this Halloween my friends and I literally hit up every haunted house, theme park and maze in the L.A. area. I love to be scared and this year did not let me down! I am a very seasonal person and get very into holidays… next up is Thanksgiving and Christmas/Chanukah! I can’t wait to decorate!

Give us some insight about BSBF (Brian Says B Free)…

BSBF is the results of many years of searching for high fashion casual wear that is affordable. Just because you’re a dancer does not mean you have to lack style or edge. I wanted to create a line that you could wear on the street and in the studio. I think regardless of who you are or where you’re going, you should be turning heads.  The name is Brian Says B Free… that is my way of telling people to be who they want to be with no apologies. Never ask for permission, only forgiveness!

What’s the best aspect of being creative director for The Pulse?

I love watching the dancers who go through The Pulse program turn into the artists they were destined to be. As an educator there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your students achieve success both physically and spiritually. We have managed to create an environment where success isn’t a possibility but an actuality. I have crafted a faculty line up of the best of the best! This is a faculty that isn’t your run of the mill dance convention teachers. We are training the next generation of employable dancers.  We are able to do this because we know what is required to be a working dancer… we know this because we not only are/were working dancers but because we are the ones who employ them!

Describe yourself in one word?



Photos courtesy of The PULSE on Tour! and BSBF

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