Behind the Brushes: Discount Dance Makeup Artist Liz del Carmen

By on September 12, 2013

BehindBrushes_10-03-13_MAINLiz del Carmen is a freelance makeup artist who knows what it takes to apply makeup for dancers. A former dancer herself, she is one of the gifted women responsible for keeping our DDS models looking flawless! Liz danced for 4 years in high school and 2 years in college. It was at a young age that she found her talent for applying makeup for the stage.  “It always came naturally to me,” she said, “I was always doing everyone else’s makeup before shows and competitions.”

She later went to earn her skin therapy license at aesthetician school. Makeup application was a small part of the curriculum, but she said she, “found it was really natural for me and that was what really led me to go makeup school.” Since getting her skin therapy license and also becoming a certified makeup artist, Liz has made a business doing makeup for independent dancers. “They typically hire me before performances and competitions,” she said. Liz has also worked as a makeup artist for entire musical theatre casts at several high schools in Los Angeles.

When asked about the best part of her job she said, “I get to make people beautiful and be my own boss!” Taking charge of her own business, rather than working for a salon, she gets to be in control and determine her own schedule. In today’s fast paced life a flexible work schedule can be an amazing benefit. It frees you up for more time with friends and family and makes it possible to pursue multiple interests.

Of course, managing your own schedule is a big responsibility and Liz says “the biggest challenge is going out and getting your own jobs. You gotta hustle to be successful.”

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram @lizdelcarmen and on Facebook:

About JoJo Mrgich

JoJo Mrgich began studying modern dance, musical theater jazz and choreography in college and now, 10 years later, she is part of the Marketing and Social Media team at DDS. In addition to working as a choreographer to local colleges and theaters in her spare time, she has also served as Director of Dance and Costume Mistress for local non-profit theaters in her community.

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