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BT_christina_MAINBy Christina Ricucci

Whether it’s a performance under a spotlight or learning a new combination in class, as dancers, people watch us. We want to look our best but also need a beauty routine that is functional. Like most girls, “beautifying” has always been something that’s fun for me. When I walk into a makeup store, I usually spend more time shopping than I had planned. There’s something about a good tube of mascara or high-end bottle of conditioner that really makes me excited to try them! Even though not everything is always as great as the package says, I have found a few of my own tips and tricks when it comes to “getting ready” for whatever the role I need to be that day, school or dance!

For dancers, it can sometimes be a hassle to wear makeup.  In classes, hard work and sweat makes the make-up drip and dissolve to the point where it looks like you have none left on your face. I don’t wear a lot of foundation on my face during classes, but for my eyes, here’s a trick I’ve learned. I always apply several different types of mascara to create a bold look that will last all day with no need for touch-ups. I also make sure to put a little light brown eye-shadow on my lids to accentuate my eyes, because in dancing, so much of our artistry comes through in our focus. Even after a few hours of dancing, it still looks like I have makeup on!

Another thing I recently discovered and fell in love with is contouring. I use a powder version, but you can use the cream version as well. Contouring creates structure in your face and intensifies all of the depth it has. I apply a lighter contour above my cheekbones and a darker one beneath them. It can really make a difference!  For stage performances, I add false eyelashes because they really help my eyes to stand out even far away from the stage, dark eyeliner and blush. I also line my lips with a lip pencil and then add a smudge-proof lipstick. If it is a long performance or competition day, make sure you have your supplies organized and touch up as needed. Remember, the stage lights are bright so you need to have a little more make-up than usual.

As for hair, if you’re like me and have an insane amount of it, or if you have to wear it up every day for dance class, it can be difficult to be motivated to even do anything to it. I like a loose bun for some classes but you can’t go wrong with a classic ballet bun! There are times though when I need to curl or straighten it, and here is what I do; I separate it, layer by layer and use a keratin protective serum. That way I make sure to get EVERY piece. This can take a while, so be sure to have a movie or Netflix playing in front of you to keep you entertained! When I’m done, I spray a little hairspray to hold the style. This helps with the frizz! I know nobody likes frizz!

I believe that if we are confident about feeling polished in our appearance, like in a great dance hairstyle or in expressive eyes – that confidence can affect our dancing in a positive way too!

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