Back to Dance Class: A New Year Means a New You!


WA_LaceyBackToClass_MAINWe asked famous dancer and choreographer Lacey Schwimmer about what going back to fall dance class was like for her growing up, and what advice she might have for young dancers today! Here’s what she had to say:

When I was little getting ready for dance to start back up was so exciting. Most importantly I got to pick out a new dance outfit from Discount Dance. I’d circle the outfit I wanted and couldn’t wait to wear it to my first class!

My advice: new classes can be scary and stressful, but a NEW dance year can also mean a NEW you! Try your hardest and improve for no one other than yourself! Impressing others is not what dance is about. Loving what you’re doing and improving each week is where it’s at!

Have a good new dance year!


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  1. Sykoswimmer says

    I love Lacey! She is such a great dancer.

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