• TF_allegro_featured
    All About Allegro

    Most people would think that children naturally know how to jump.  As a seasoned dance teacher, I beg to differ.  I see many young dancers “hopping” or “bouncing” but very few that can actually jump.  By my...

    • Posted 9 months ago
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  • TV_Corrections_featured
    Making the Corrections You Give Your Students Stick!

    I love to teach ballet. I love to coach, correct, clean, and encourage. And I constantly tell my students corrections are how dance teachers say “I like how you are trying, I care about your dancing, and...

    • Posted 10 months ago
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  • TV_LanaStretch_featured
    Stretching Your Dancers at All Levels

    Dance teachers know the benefits of stretching for their students. But sometimes stretching exercises and descriptions can get boring for both the teacher and their dancers. Here are some new ideas that I use for imagery (stretching...

    • Posted 11 months ago
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  • TV_TeachingBoys_featured
    Tips for Teaching Boys in Dance Class

    Dance demands strength, flexibility, agility, and determination. That sounds like a perfect recipe for a boy’s physical activity so why are our dance studios not packed with boys? Some studios are fortunate to have enough boys of...

    • Posted 12 months ago
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  • TV_RecitalThemes_featured
    Recitals: Theme and Variation

    Dance recitals are the culmination of months of hard work and practice for both the you dance teacher and your students. It is an opportunity to show the audience what you and your dancers have been working...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • TV_SweatySummer_featured
    Sweaty Summer

    When I was a dancer, I loved the summer. The warm heat helped my muscles stay loose and warm. The longer daylight hours made it feel like I wasn’t stuck in the studio all day. And the...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • TV_LanaSummerFashion_featured
    Lana’s Fun Summer Fashion Favorites

    With summer dance camps, intensives, and master classes in full swing, you may be looking for some new dance wear and accessories to liven up your summer classes. Check out some of my personal favorite items from...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • TV_meangirls_featured
    Mean Girls

    Last week I watched a news segment about a city trying to pass a law to make bullying a criminal offense. The law was not approved but it did get me wondering about bullying in the dance studio...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • TV_PetNames_featured
    Terms of Endearment (Not For the Studio)

    “My dear!” “Sweetheart!” “Darling!” I am guilty as charged for calling my students these and I’m sure a variety of other pet names in class. I, like most dance teachers, have a deep and genuine care for...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • TV_auditions_featured
    Oh no! Auditions!

    Auditions! Hearing that word gives dancers, and dance teachers, the shivers. Yet each year, without fail, dance studios are forced to deal with auditioning and sometimes re-auditioning their students. Whether it is for roles in upcoming productions,...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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