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By on April 20, 2014


As a former dance teacher, I know working out is something that many dancers don’t really have to put too much thought into – they are working out all day, every day in the studio! But, if you are on vacation, in the middle of a break or just looking to add some variety into your movement vocabulary, I’ve picked my top three at-home workouts to share with you. Included are some tips I like to throw in to make them more “dancey.”

  1. SWORKIT This is a free app that I am obsessed with.  You basically get to pick customized workouts. First you choose what you want to do – upper body, lower body, cardio, yoga, etc. Then you pick how long you want to workout for. The app prompts you through 30-second intervals of different exercises or poses. I like to add hand weights to some of the arm exercises, and throw in some squats (you can call them plies) to double the calorie burn.
  2. Yoga Meltdown DVD with Jillian Michaels (She has a new one out but I haven’t tried it yet.) I love this workout because it combines classic yoga poses that many of us are familiar with, with movement to get your blood flowing and burn more calories than holding poses alone accomplishes. For some of the poses where you balance on one leg I like to think arabesque! You’ll be toning the same muscles, and next time you’re at the barre maybe that extension will reach even farther.
  3. Ballet Beautiful DVD with Mary Helen This one seems like an obvious choice! Her movement is very isometric, but very effective. There is even an exercise series called “Swan Arms!” This one doesn’t need to be made “dancey” because she already uses familiar dance terminology and imagery in her instruction.

About Amy Omernik

Amy Omernik has been a part of the dance world since the age of three, starting in local studios and going on to earn her BA in Dance. Amy has performance, choreography, and teaching experience. Being a dance teacher led to running a dance company, and this sparked an interest in marketing. For her, getting to work with the Marketing and Social Media team at DDS is a match made in heaven!

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