Are You a Dancerpreneur?


SE_dancerpreneur_MAINIt’s my new word. I have come to realize that we are more than dancers; we are creative innovators, reinventing ourselves over and over again, sometimes at considerable risk. That’s the perfect word for us – Dancerpreneur. Dancers are often multi-tasking – performing, teaching, writing and working all at the same time. Sound familiar? How do you know you’re one? Sure you’re focused and dedicated, but you are more than that. Here are the signs that you are a Dancerpreneur.

  • You’re Passionate

This probably the most important and telling sign. There will be times when you have no performing work, you haven’t had a call back in a while, your students aren’t progressing like you want, your choreography is stuck, you keep interviewing for that arts admin job, but you don’t get it – in other words it looks the everything is just BAD – yet you continue – you push on – you don’t give up.

  • You’re Creative

And you use that creativity to solve problems. Entrepreneurs are infinitely clever. You have resources but more important you are resourceful – using what you have to get where you want to go.

  • You Take Action

Dancers have an action based problem-solving approach and more times than not just “go for it” rather than over analyzing a strategy and spending time writing a detailed plan.

  • You have too many good ideas – all the time

Your brain never stops working. Some people call it the “Shiny Penny Syndrome.” You know, all your attention is focused on the penny you picked up until they see a newer, shinier penny (a new idea) and you completely forget about the first penny. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the one shiny penny in your hand.

  • You need to keep moving

You have an enormous amount of energy. You find that you are still focused and hard at work when others around you are ready to stop. Your energized approach is what makes you stand out.

  • You take chances

Many times you have an idea you want to pursue and everyone will tell you that you’re crazy, or that it will never work, or that it will fail, and you do it anyway. You are the ultimate optimist. You know that your hard work will pay off.

  • You’re highly motivated

Something inside you makes you go. You don’t know what it is, but it pushes you forward. You don’t have to rely on someone else to inspire you, you inspire others.

If all this adds up to you, welcome to my world. Dancerpreneurship is a difficult and rewarding pathway, but it is so much fun! So follow your dreams and make them happen, it’s a lifestyle worth living.

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