A New Routine- Natalia Alonso Talks Candidly About Pregnancy and Dance

DLNatalia_Preggers_MAINEven though I am ready to be a mother, I was slightly shocked and scared when I learned I was pregnant. Sure, the timing could not have been better: I already had the opportunity to see some of the world’s most amazing cities and stages while touring with Ballet Hispanico and Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and had just finished playing Maria Tallchief in the show Nikolai and the Others at Lincoln Center Theater. For the first time in thirteen years, I had a break. Yet, something seemed daunting about the prospect of having a baby and knowing I would have to put my career and goals aside for some time.

Since I was a young girl – not to mention during my career as a professional dancer — I have always defined myself as an artist and performer. My self worth was based on whatever job I was doing at the moment. Suddenly here I was, pregnant and unable to go to any castings in search of the next job that was going to define me. People were asking me what I was doing next and I was embarrassed to tell them, “nothing.”  Nothing?

Naturally, it took some time to adjust to the fact that I am doing something. I am going to become a mother, and that is as important and defining as any job I have had. I have also found that the two are not mutually exclusive.  At seven weeks pregnant, I performed for Complexions. At sixteen weeks, I taught ballet class for two weeks at New Orleans Ballet Association (NOBA). I subsequently joined the modeling agency Expecting Models, with whom I have done several fitness photo shoots. Slowly, I have realized that even though I am adding a very different type of job to my resume, I do not have to give up on everything that I once identified with. Now at 33 weeks pregnant, what am I doing? Taking ballet class, practicing yoga, teaching, modeling, and mostly… looking forward to ALL the new things to come that will define me.

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