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Expand Your Studio’s Online Presence 

Social Media has leveled the playing field for Dance Professionals and Studio Owners looking to expand the reach of their brand. In my 3 years as Head of Marketing, Advertising and Social Media at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA) in LosAngeles, I experienced firsthand the infinite possibilities of how a strong online presence can elevate brand awareness for a dance studio or any dance-related brand with little to no budget for advertising. My intention was to create Social Media platforms for DADA that would uplift, encourage, and inspire dancers around the globe not just within our own studio walls. Coming at it from that point of view resulted not only in increased enrollment in our Summer Intensives, but also magazine covers, brand endorsements, and increased support beyond the DADA community. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of digging deeper into how Social Media can work for you and your Studio here’s my advice: keep it simple. My 3 C’s for Social Media are a helpful tool to use to connect with your Online community:


Everything you put out there is a reflection of who you are as well as your business or brand. Share high quality content that is visually pleasing and gives your audience a glimpse into your world. Be clever because too much SELLING of your business can be a huge turnoff. Instead, consider sharing posts that reflect why you love what you do, whatpeople love about your business and what makes your studio unique.


Create a rhythm for your posts. It’s not about frequency, it’s about consistency. Do you like to post in the morning? Weekends? Daily or a few times a week? Discover what works for you and stick with it. People with fall in line with your rhythm and actually start to look forward to your posts.


Connect with people who share your passions and interests. Respond to other people’s posts. Leave a comment. Introduce yourself. The intention behind Social Media is to be “social,” so go out on a limb and find your tribe!

My 3 C’s for Social Media are a wonderful tool and great place to start but please be patient. Growing an online presence takes time. It’s not about the number of followers but rather connecting with like-minded people and possible future customers. You may want to consider creating a special freelance position on your staff for a Social Media Manager or finding a parent who has an interest in this area and willing to take it on in exchange for a reduction in tuition for their dancer. Most importantly, dive in, try something new, you have nothing to lose and you might meet some new people along the way. Happy Posting!

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