8 Ballet Dancer Habits Your Non-Dance Friends Think Are Weird


DI_WeirdBallerinas_MAINBy Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

Cracking your hips, back, neck, toes… OK, absolutely any joint you can crack

We’ve all experienced it. You pitch forward to crack a hip and the resulting pop is so loud that your friend panics and starts to dial emergency. And you’re only just getting started… 

Watching TV in obscure positions 

Whether you’re in second splits, a pretzel stretch, or just lying in a casual frog or butterfly, you’re used to ignoring the fascinated, sideways glances you get when you’re just hanging out.

Standing in 4th position, or 2nd, or anything that’s not vaguely parallel

Well, when you’ve trained your whole life to perfect certain positions, why would you spend your non-dance time not standing in them?

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