6 Common First Job Newbie Mistakes


DI_newbies_MAINBy Stephanie Wolf of Dance Informa.

You did it! You booked that first gig or company spot and now you’re anxiously waiting for rehearsals to begin.

But before you go bounding into the studio on day one, here are some common faux pas newbies make on their first job — ones you don’t want to make as well.

Being over eager

Know your role with the company and try not to be the go-to person for everything. Being over eager to please and taking on too many extra tasks will only cause your dancing to suffer — and above anything else, you are there to dance.

‘Forgetting’ to get it in writing

Though more relevant for freelancers than full-time company dancers, always always always get your new boss or director to put the terms of the agreement in writing. This protects both you and your employer. And read through your contract thoroughly. It may seem tedious at first, but it will be worth your time.

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