5 Ways to Recharge Your Teaching for the New Year!

By on January 5, 2014

Hooray! It’s the New Year! But as dance teachers we may feel a bit gypped. With umpteen holiday recitals, Nutcracker performances through Christmas Eve, and the dance competition circuit not taking a break over the holidays, I feel like our time to relax and refresh this season was cut dramatically short. So how do we recharge and start 2014 with a fresh, exciting, and go get ’em attitude?

Here are 5 simple things I do to feel reenergized, renewed and get inspired for my teaching.


This is such an easy way to stimulate your teaching and creativity. New class music will not only give your ears and brain something new to listen to and comprehend, but your students as well.


I have found this to be most educational and rewarding. You dont have to observe a dance class. It could be an exercise class, music class, swim class, art class, anything.  You are just there to observe teaching style and curriculum and see if there are any elements you could incorporate into your dance classes. There are always lots of classes going on at libraries and city park and recreation centers.


Nothing is more inspiring than to see dance performed beautifully on stage. Check out the calendar at your local performing arts theatres and see what dance companies and ensembles are coming your way.


At the end of December, I went skiing for the first time in five years. It felt so good to move my body in a completely different way than in ballet class and wake up muscles that had become dormant while I was teaching.  It felt good to get my brain and body outside of the studio and I had a fabulous time. Be it exercise, reading, cooking, or sewing, try something new to stimulate your mind and body.


Nothing spells refresh like a good massage, facial, manicure or pedicure.  Standing all day in dance shoes takes a toll on our bodies. Body aches coupled with the aftermath of holiday studio stresses make a New Year’s massage or other pampering activity a must!

Hopefully you can use these 5 inspirations to help kick start your year and get ready to face your classes with vitality and verve. Remember, when you are an inspired teacher, you will inspire your students.  So until next time, teach, inspire, and grow.

About Lana

Lana Brooks is a mother of two and certified in the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. She is currently a ballet instructor at Southland Ballet Academy with over 10 years of professional performing experience and 10 years of teaching experience. Ms. Brooks' students have been finalists and semi-finalists in Youth American Grand Prix, LA Music Center Spotlight Awards, and the Orange County Performing Arts Center "Stars of Tomorrow" competitions and some have gone on to dance in ballet companies nationwide. She has received extensive training from the Orange County Performing Arts Center "From the Center" program for community and student outreach and has helped develop assembly programs that bring dance and arts education to Southern California schools.

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